Wednesday, May 28, 2014

About Chris McDonald and Bilbao

On Monday's blog I said I would follow up about Chris McDonald's installation in Bilbao. I looked online for details, but could find nothing. So I wrote to Chris and asked him for more information. His reply follows.

Thanks Chris for writing my blog for me today! I spent most of the day organizing CDs, the first step to reclaiming my beautiful studio, which has become cluttered beyond belief. (With the help of Elena I think we can actually get the job done.)

* * * * *
It was so great to see you and I found the concert (and followup dinner) to be a wonderfully stimulating Saturday evening.
  Really weird about the Guggenheim, isn't it?? I remember trying to find a link a while back and realizing Guggenheim Bilbao doesn't seem to have an upcoming events section. 
  The piece opens on Thursday so I imagine they will get its own section on this page:
  The piece is Ragnar Kjartansson's "The Visitors" and it is a nine channel video installation. I've been working with him as director of sound/music producer on his video projects for about five years now. We shot "The Visitors" in 2012 and I recorded the music and mixed it. We had about 2000ft of cable snaking through the mansion at Rokeby, the old Astor estate on the Hudson. All nine videos, each featuring a musician (almost all of them Icelandic) in a different room of the house, were shot simultaneously and they are synchronized for the exhibition. It's like being able to see into these rooms of the house at once and inhabit them all at the same time.
  They play an hour-long song that is wistful and occasionally brooding--and sometimes explosive, quite literally since Ricky Aldrich (the descendent who currently owns and runs the estate) occasionally sets off a Chinese cannon that his family plundered from the Forbidden City long ago in some awful mini war, I'm not sure which one. 
  It'll probably be at the NYC Guggenheim at some point or MoMA since both institutions own an edition. 
  But I'm here now in Bilbao! What a beautiful place. And my hotel is on Salazar Street! But it's named after a fifteenth century Spaniard and obviously not the Portuguese dictator.

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