Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Announcement about SoundCloud

I just bit the bullet and began uploading my complete piano works to SoundCloud. The recordings from the first four of the "This Is It!" series have been edited. These are performances, not studio recordings (that will come later). You can now hear the first four pieces from the first recital, presented in Crowell Concert Hall at Wesleyan on Sunday 29 September 2013, viz:

Tuckaway in Early Summer
Forty Times Forty
A Fugue for Sophia
A Fugue for Maeny

I've been blogging about these pieces for some time — now you can hear them!

To hear these pieces just go to and search for "NeelyBruceMusic." (Not case sensitive.)

This is about 28 minutes out of four-plus hours I will be uploading soon. And the whole series will be at least 12 recitals, finishing up in the summer of 2017. Maybe more than 12 recitals, at the rate I'm writing new piano music...


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