Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sound Cloud account getting set up

Dear Friends in Cyberspace — I have promised so many blogs in the last six weeks or so, but nothing has been forthcoming. Mea maxima culpa. I've been astonishingly busy, mostly because of composing my oratorio about Aristides de Sousa Mendes. (More on that subject soon.) But also because of preparing to perform all of my Geographical Preludes, and preparing to finish my Ives recordings with baritone David Barron. But the recordings are done, the performance has occurred, and the composition is not complete but certainly under control. So — a brief blog.

I have been talking about setting up a Sound Cloud account, and I have finally done it. With the help of Mike Arafeh, we are almost ready to unveil the first tracks. The first Jukebox will be excerpts from the WesWinds concert on May 10, specifically:

Circus Galop (Sousa)
Valdres March (Hanssen)
Shenandoah (Ticheli)
Four Chopin Preludes, arranged for woodwinds by my orchestration students
Colonial Song (Grainger)

And a slam-bang concert version of my magnum opus, CONVERGENCE, for WesWinds live and pre-recorded, three percussionists playing bell parts, and Matt Welch as our spectacular bagpipe soloist.

Stay tuned for details! Now to write some more music...