Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Some singing, some accompanying

Today I'm in Brooklyn recording Ives songs with David Barron. We had a very good session — "In Autumn," "The World's Wanderers," "On the Counter," "Romanzo di Central Park," "Feldeinsamkeit," and "Naught that country needed" are in the can. Tomorrow Elizabeth Saunders joins us. I'll let you know what she does after it happens.

David and I were able to do a few edits as well. "Ann Street," "Like a sick eagle" and "In April-tide" turned out to be single take wonders. We had some alternates to choose from, but decided that these three were fine just like they were. "I knew and loved a maid" had to be put together from three takes, and we were only able to start the editing of "Naught..."

Practicing and recording Ives songs is a nice break from all that Neely Bruce music. Speaking of songs, I had a wonderful rehearsal yesterday on my John Finlay settings with Christopher Grundy. He has started to learn Whitman Fragments, and we started working on that too. 

Back to piano music shortly...

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